PrimoCSS is a framework which provides the prime starting blocks for any frontend requirements. Without supplying out of the box solutions or mantras to follow, it creates a solid architecture footing to complete any project.

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Great starting point

All the styles and tools have been created as the perfect starting point for your project. This isn't a full framework trying to impose design styles and mantras.

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Built with Sass & Gulp

Using Gulp to create tests and build steps. Developing the source code using SASS and harnessing the powerful preprocessor for our css.

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Every view is possible

With a powerful responsive grid. Any design is possible for all devices and effectively scales from handhelds to desktops.

Frequently asked questions

Is PrimoCSS open source?

Absolutely, PrimoCSS has been created with the inention of it being open-source and anyone able to contribute to the framework or atleast fork it on GitHub and turn it into something of their own.

If you wish to take a look at the source code and get involved visit the GitHub page.

How can I use the framework for my work?

Just follow the setup guides, there are various ways for anyone to kick-start their projects from hosting the CSS or include the SASS source and take advantage of all the tools available.

Got any examples of it in use?

If you follow this link to the examples page you'll find an array of pre-made example templates using the framework.

Would you like to show case your work here? Send us a message and we can spotlight your work on this site.